Big changes to YouTube for users

When you’re on YouTube without logging in, you won’t see videos that YouTube suggests for you to watch anymore.

YouTube is making some changes that might make it harder for people who aren’t signed in to see videos they might like. Some people are worried that this might make them feel like they have to always be signed in to watch videos on YouTube.

On YouTube, when you go to the website without logging in or using a special mode, you won’t see videos that are recommended for you anymore. Instead, you will see a message asking you to create an account or log in so that YouTube can show you videos that you might like based on what you are interested in.

BleepingComputer checked many devices and found that when you search on YouTube, it doesn’t give you suggestions to watch new videos. Instead, it just keeps telling you to watch more videos. Even if you’re logged in, if you’ve cleared your search history or turned off your history settings, you won’t get any suggestions.
Some people got upset because they think YouTube is trying to make them turn on a feature that saves their viewing history.






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